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Mrs P, Bedford
I have suffered from Meniere's Disease for over 20 years - it comes and it goes. About ten years ago I had a particularly bad spell of Meniere's including extreme vertigo and terrifying 'drop attacks'. I found a local lady who used the Bowen Technique and after about ten weeks' treatment, the condition improved and I felt 'normal'. I had a recurrence of the early symptoms of Meniere's this year - the feeling of being blocked in the head, with a debilitating sense of pressure. I could tell this was the early onset. I came to Loraine, and after only three sessions I found the symptoms gradually left me and I am back to 'normal'.  I know that Meniere's cannot be cured but Bowen, through Loraine, has given me hope that if it returns, I have a possible course of action. This is something conventional medicine has not been able to offer. Sceptics may say the symptoms would have gone anyway, but it seems to me this is more than a coincidence. 

Miss S, Bedford
This client had a serious injury to her neck 8 years ago, which required major surgery. She had three bars fitted in her neck to help hold her head and neck upright. Since her surgery she felt great discomfort to her head, neck and shoulders with limited range of movement, along with a constant tightness around her neck. In addition to this she often felt breathless and unable to take deep breaths anymore. After her first session of Bowen my client no longer felt the tightness around her neck. After further treatments my client noticed an improvement in her breathing and a greater range of mobility in her neck. She is still having regular treatments and is really feeling the benefits of Bowen.

My physiotherapist recommended me for the Bowen technique.  I had never heard of it but was open minded to its benefits.  I found Loraine via an Internet search.
When I met Loraine she was very welcoming and explained the technique very clearly.  She understood my concerns.   She is keen to update her techniques, it is a relatively new therapy so is developing and she obviously wants to develop with it. The treatment room is a dream of a room, you cannot help but relax.
The best bit – the treatment worked!  So far each treatment has shown significant improvement.  Loraine was very clear that Bowen might not suit everyone.  Some therapists seem to take it as a personal insult but Loraine knows that some treatments suit some people and others don’t.  It is always worth trying.  For me I know that when the treatment has run its course we will both know.

Miss L, Bedford

I have been treated by Loraine since January. I have suffered 20 years of escalating and debilitating pelvis and back problems and have seen more than 20 'professionals' including several physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, pain specialists and doctors. I have had all sorts of opinions, 'diagnoses' and treatments (including injections, denervation treatment, shockwave therapy and endless manipulations) but no one has ever got to the bottom of my issues and I have continued to suffer and lead an increasingly restricted life. It had got to the point where my pelvis would not stay in place and I had a daily battle with pain.
After being examined by a Bowen practitioner in Devon in January whilst visiting family it was 'diagnosed' that the issue is actually with my neck and the referred pain and issues all stemmed from this - basically very tight muscles and tension around my neck/shoulders/head...
This was a revelation to me! I was treated there and then went to Loraine under recommendation...and amazingly, low and behold, 4 months on my life is transformed!
I am more consistently comfortable than not, I have been able to start regularly going swimming - something I have been unable to do for so long, I use an exercise bike, I am able to go walking more, I have started yoga and I am generally able to function so much more comfortably at home and at work. So I am now very optimistic that things will continue to improve as my body learns to relax, to stay aligned correctly and everything strengthens up... I hate labels as they imply you can't get better from your ailment so to simply have tension means I can heal completely...my absolute dream outcome!!
Bowen therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment but highly effective and Loraine’s treatment room is very relaxing and tranquil. I wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to Loraine and to Phil in Devon to express my gratitude for saving me from a life of pain.

Mrs A, Ampthill
I made an appointment to go and see Loraine after a friend had recommended the Bowen Technique to me. I was having intermittent pain in my right shoulder and had been told by my doctor and subsequent ultrasound scan that my tendons were inflamed and I had some calcification in the joint. I had 4 Bowen treatments each about a week apart and really felt the benefits. The pain in my shoulder definitely subsided and I also felt an improvement in my lower back which had bothered me on and off too. I am intending to continue with a monthly treatment to maintain the benefits I have felt with the Bowen Technique.

Mrs G, Huntingdon
I went to see Loraine with sciatica that I had been suffering with for a number of months, at my first sessions I explained that I also suffer with interstitial cystitis which has been ongoing for a number of years and has had a real impact on my life. I am amazed that after a few sessions my sciatica has disappeared and my interstitial cystitis is so much better. Loraine you are an amazing lady! Thank you I will definitely recommend Bowen therapy and you.

Mrs A, Bedford
I don’t know where to start from and how to thank Loraine for her help! I am a 50-year-old female (scientist) and when I was 15 I had a PE accident and since then I was in a constant pain in my low back and right leg. My job is a sedentary one, in front of the computer all day. Because of this, I had very bad right shoulder and constant pain as well. To stop describing every part of my body, where I had pain, it will suffice to say that the pain was from the top of my head down to my toes (literally).

Over the years I’ve been visiting many “traditional” physiotherapy centres, suffering the pain of the treatment, paying a lot of money… but to little avail.

I was told about the Bowen technique therapy by a friend and I have decided to give it a go. After the 2nd session, the pain started to ease (from all over my body), and now after the 4th session I’m almost pain free. It is a magic what Loraine does and I don’t have enough words to thank her!

It is a gentle therapy, very relaxing and very effective. I had no side effects, nothing. I would recommend it to anyone - don’t suffer anymore, try it!

Mr M, Bedford
Just to say thank you so much for introducing me to Bowen. The benefits have been huge. 

As you know, when Don died, I lost all my energy, wasn’t sleeping properly, developed aches,  pains in my knee and my brain went on an extended walk about.  This was all very frustrating as I’d always been a capable, logical person who could deal with most things. 

Thankfully, after a course of Bowen Treatments in your lovely tranquil treatment room, I’m feeling so much better; I have more energy, the pain in my knee has gone, yippee.   I feel I walk taller and usually have to adjust my driving mirror after a treatment.  I sleep soundly most nights and best of all, my brain has lost it’s fuzziness, I can concentrate more so I’m able to cope with life’s ups and downs as I used to.  I am now able to focus on the future.

Thank you for letting me “just talk”, (not part and parcel of Bowen) I do appreciate the fact you are such a good listener and for the research you did regarding Bowen therapists in Queensland. I will be back.
Again, Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I would recommend you to all.

Mrs T, Bedford
Just wanted to say a big thank you as my sciatica seems to have completely disappeared with the help of your Bowen technique. I've been pain free for over a week now and it's so nice to be able to move freely about again.

Mrs G, Bedford
I have seen Loraine for 4 sessions so far. I started to see her as I was unable to stand for longer than 20 minutes or walk more than a few hundred metres without having to sit and stretch my back out. My back problems were also affecting my sleep. I no longer suffer thanks to Loraine.
Bowen is a gentle and relaxing treatment and Loraine puts me at ease the whole time I am there. Bowen has also given me a sense of general well being. I highly recommend both the Bowen treatment and Loraine.
Mrs D, Stotfold
I am absolutely amazed with the Bowen technique. My visit last Friday to get relief for a trapped nerve which I've been suffering for months , amazing, day later and I can lift my arm which I haven't been able to do for some time. But that's not all, discomfort, that I've also had down my right side seems to have gone. Just so amazing. So I most definitely would recommend this to anyone who is suffering In anyway. Don't think about, try this out, and like myself, you will not be disappointed. Absolutely brilliant once again.

Mrs C, Bedford
Really impressed with my Bowen treatment last week. It relaxed me, really helped my current back problem and sorted out an issue I'd had for years and had just learned to live with. Thanks Loraine

Mr P, Hitchin
I visited Loraine after having problems with my neck and shoulder for a prolonged period of time.  I found her approach and professionalism were second to none. As this was the first time I had experienced the Bowen technique I was unaware as to the process but Loraine talked me through each stage, explaining what she was doing and why.  I felt completely at ease and totally relaxed as she set about re-aligning my body.  The effect on my neck and shoulder was great, I had much more flexibility and movement than before the treatment, but to my surprise I found a marked improvement in my running.  I found that the re-alignment had helped my running style to be smoother and faster with no additional effort.  For that alone I'll certainly be going back!

Mrs S, Flitton

I can't believe how much difference going to have 'Bowen treatment' with Loraine has made to my life. I have always suffered from a bad back and neck and thought I had tried every treatment available, however my sister suggested seeing Loraine and after four treatments I can honestly say I can't believe how good my back/neck is, I'm completely pain free, I no longer wake every night with neck pain, I no longer take pain killers every day, I'm completely amazed and can't thank Loraine enough, she's so lovely and I would recommend anybody suffering to try 'Bowen’.
Thank you Loraine

Mrs P, Hitchin
I had a course of Bowen treatments during a period of ill health and was really impressed with the results. Loraine was able to resolve a number of issues including joint pain, digestive problems and symptoms relating to the onset of the menopause. Loraine is extremely knowledgeable and professional and her treatment room is in the most beautiful and tranquil setting. I would recommend Loraine and Bowen therapy to anyone. The treatment is highly effective and I wish I'd discovered it sooner!

Mrs H, Bedford
I can highly recommend the Bowen technique and Loraine. I suffered all sorts of aches and pains throughout my pregnancy, especially a painful shoulder that would wake me up at night. One visit to Loraine when I was 8 months pregnant and I was pretty much pain free. I wish I had visited her sooner!

Mrs B, Bedford
Thank you Loraine for the most amazing Bowen Therapy treatment this week, Perfect Thank you.

Dr I, Bedford
I really recommend Loraine. I have suffered with lower back pain since an accident in 1986. The Bowen really helps me to manage the pain in my back and legs through regular maintenance sessions. A few years ago I also had a bulging disc in my back and Loraine was able to reinstate it through a series of massage treatments. To my relief no surgery was then required. Brilliant!