Severe neck pain and lower back…

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Mrs E is a young housewife with two small children. Over the past few years she has experienced pain in her neck. This pain has restricted the mobility of her head when turning it from side to side and a sudden movement can cause her neck to go into a spasm. The pain causes her much discomfort whilst sleeping and generally it has hampered her natural poise and movement throughout the day. In addition to this she suffers from lower back pain after a bad fall and is unable to sit for long periods of time on a hard seat or in the car.

Her GP referred her to a physiotherapist but this did not prove very successful. A friend recommended Bowen to her. I explained how the therapy worked and what to expect. After doing a full postural and mobility assessment I recommended a course of three treatments. After her first treatment she was delighted with the relief she felt in her neck: all the stiffness had gone and she had a better range of movement when moving her head. After completing two more treatments Mrs E was sleeping better. She was also no longer suffering the pain in her neck and her lower back. She was feeling more comfortable and this allowed her to move more easily. Mrs E was highly impressed both with the speed and the effect of the Bowen therapy.

Sacral and lower back pain…

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Mr S is in his mid thirty’s and has suffered from constant lower back pain in the lumbar and sacral region for the past 14 years after a car accident. The pain in his left leg was severe at times. He was taking a lot of pain relief and it was affecting both his digestive system and his quality of life. He had tried traction and physiotherapy and although each helped at the time they did not offer a permanent solution to his discomfort.

After three treatments of Bowen he was no longer aware of the persistent nagging pain in his left leg. Consequently he was able to considerably reduce the pain relief medication. His mobility had improved and he no longer had a tender feeling in his lower back. Mr S regularly returns for a Bowen maintenance treatment, which helps both to keep his body in balance and to realign his pelvis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome…

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Mrs M has suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for the past few years and it had progressively got worse. Mrs M is in her late fifties and enjoys a very active and busy life. She was seriously considering surgery to rid herself of the constant pain and pins and needles in her hand. She is often woken during the night as the tendons in her arm pull the two middle fingers down towards the palm of her hand in a spasm. Naturally this is affecting the quality of her life and work.

Mrs M was a bit sceptical as to whether Bowen could help. She was delighted to inform me that in the week following her first treatment she had not experienced a spasm during the night or day. It had been months since she last had a week free from the spasms in her hand. Following on from her third treatment she was pain free and the pins and needles had stopped. Mrs M no longer felt that surgery was necessary.